Voiceover Profile

Male | English (Canadian/North American)
Resonant Baritone
Age Range 40-60

Non Union 

Voiceover Description

Warm, Authoritative, Resonant, Intimate, Intelligent, Gravitas, Conversational, Trustworthy, Friendly,
Professional, Heroic, Baritone, Guy Next Door.

Voiceover Industry Experience

Commercials, Explainer/Whiteboard Video Narration, Telephony, Animation, eLearning/mLearning Narration,
and Audiobooks.

Voiceover Recording Studio

About Graham A. Yeates

Mild Mannered, but also Super.

Whether your voiceover requirements are for film, television, the internet, or live theatre; I am here to help.  I’ve been helping people to be heard since 2016.

The combination of my versatile vocal talent and extensive voiceover experience can satisfy all of your narration and voice acting needs.  A private recording studio in my home allows me to deliver broadcast quality voiceover both quickly and safely.  With personal service, I will custom tailor the audio to suit your project’s specific requirements regardless of size, audience, timeline, or file format.

Graham A. Yeates Voiceover


Non-Broadcast / Non-Paid Placement

eLearning/mLearning, Explainer/Whiteboard Video Narration, Training, etc.

Session fee (includes three minutes of finished audio): $300
Each additional minute of finished audio: $30

Broadcast – Radio

Local: $300
Regional: $500
National: $750

Broadcast – Television

Local: $500
Regional: $750
National: $1500


Per finished hour (~9,000 words): $350
This rate includes production fees, and a professional editor to master/proof the production to Audible standards.  Rates for raw audio only can be negotiated.

Other Formats

For Animation, Video Games, Bumpers/Promos, ADR, Loop, Walla, Telephony, Paid Placement, or Station Imaging:
please contact me directly with script and usage details.

*In line with GVAA standards; All rates are: per script, in Canadian funds, exclude applicable taxes, and include a one-year nonexclusive usage of voiceover performance services only. If further usage is desired, that can be easily arranged. Minor script revisions can be accommodated at no additional cost.


Phone: 519-635-4801
E-mail: Graham@GrahamYeates.com

Drop me a note; how I can best help you?

  • Please describe its length/approximate word count, type, intended usage, your desired timeline, etc.
    I would be happy to make you a custom audition, so feel free to paste in some of your script.



Goodnight Gracie is a podcast of children’s bedtime stories, as read by Graham to his cat, Gracie.  Each episode gives Graham an opportunity to exercise his skills in both script delivery and audio editing, along with hopefully pleasing his young listeners.
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