Voiceover Actors Need To Evolve

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to attend VO North, Canada’s only annual voiceover conference. I am very thankful that the organizers were willing to make the herculean effort needed to transition this three day event to an online format.

In addition to the socializing and networking, I spent most of my time learning. Page after page of notes were taken. It’s been six years since people starter to cross my palm with silver in exchange for my audio services. And while I am horizons ahead from where I started as an voiceover actor, I still have so much to learn. Fortunately, I like learning; especially in this ever-changing industry. I feel a strong need to keep learning, to keep evolving. I will be re-watching all 30 of the offered sessions (something I could not have done were it not online.) My skills, my equipment, and my resources all continue to evolve, thanks to the generous members of the voiceover community.

To do anything less, to not make that continuous investment in myself and my business, would make a poor entrepreneur.  Evolution is the key to success!



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